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Space-O-Mat Spacing forks for pot plants

The Space-O-Mat forklift with the spacing forks are used for spacing the pots from pot tight to far away from one another. For spacing, the pots are placed in a staggered pattern in the fork. When spacing, the chains of the fork will run forward during driving backwards with the Space-O-Mat. Because of the staggered pattern, the pots will be placed on the floor in a staggered pattern as well, but with some space between the pots in a row because the speed of the chain differs from the speed of driving. In this way pots are spaced both in length as in width direction. Note that when spacing at a little distance in the row the spacing in length and width direction is not the same, this is also happening when spacing at a very big distance.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: Frame = 1.800 x 2.000-4.000 x 30-78 (teeth) or 1.000-1.200 mm.
  • Capacity: Depending on the pot/tray size and width of the fork.
  • Weight: Spacing fork: The frame approximately 325 kg and per tooth approximately 5,5 kg.

Product specifications:

  • Pot size: 90-400 mm.
  • Other product specifications are possible, please contact a Visser ITE specialist for tailored advice.


  • Wide range of pots/trays can be handled with the forks.
  • The forks are very durable.
  • The adjustable fork are easy to change over to another pot/tray size.
  • This saves a lot of time and money.
  • The spacing fork is patented.

Available types

There are 3 different basic types available of the Space-O-Mat spacing forks:

Type 1: No support
Type 2: Wheel Support
Type 3: Roller support

Type 1: No support

  • For experienced drivers
  • For concrete floors
  • For root canvas or ground cover floors

Type 2: Wheel support

  • For less experienced drivers
  • For concrete floors only

Type 3: Roller support

  • For unskilled drivers
  • For concrete floors
  • For root canvas or ground cover floors

The 3 available types spacing forks animated

Adjustable spacing fork

Spacing fork with roller support

Spacing fork with support rol and clamping system

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